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Latest News

Mayor's commitment to Lifetime Homes welcome but enforcement of standards is needed

17 February 2014

Responding to the Mayor of London’s draft Housing Strategy, Habinteg welcomes its approach to accessible housing but calls for detail and clarification on some issues vital to the lives of disabled Londoners.

The Mayor’s consultation on plans for the capital’s housing closes on 17 February 2014. In Habinteg's response we express concern that the housing supply targets are too low to meet identified need which will impact on disabled and non-disabled people alike. However if disabled and older people are to benefit from any increase in housing supply, new homes must be built to the right access standards, so our submission focusses on monitoring and enforcement of housing standards, effective allocations policies, accessible homes and neighbourhoods and space and accessible design.

Habinteg strongly approves of the Mayor’s continued commitment to the delivery of all new housing to the Lifetime Homes Standard with 10% of these homes built to wheelchair housing standard. We hope that the Mayor will continue to make the case to central government that Lifetime Homes should be adopted nationwide as part of the DCLG’s on-going review of housing standards (link opens in new window).

However, it’s vital that these standards are effectively monitored and robustly enforced to safeguard investment in housing and adequately address future housing need for disabled and older people.

Habinteg are also concerned about:

·         the accessibility of smaller and micro-homes mentioned in the draft strategy

·         the definition of affordability in new developments

·         the importance of adequate allocation policies to make best use of the accessible stock available in London. 

In addition, shared ownership opportunities and the private rented sector need to better reflect the needs of disabled people within the draft strategy.

Read Habinteg's full consultation response on their website responses page (link opens in new window).

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