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July 2016

New Habinteg campaign demands action to increase number of accessible homes in the UK
Champion of accessible and inclusive housing, Habinteg is campaigning for the Government, councils and developers to recognise the importance of increasing the supply of accessible homes to meet national demand.

December 2015

New toolkit launched by Habinteg and TCPA to help make accessible homes a planning priority
Habinteg and the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) have launched an innovative online toolkit to help make accessible housing a national priority.

November 2015

Habinteg release 'Accessible Housing Standards 2015' briefing
The free to download briefing offers a technical comparison of the Lifetime Homes Standard and new national accessible housing standards to help with the transition to the new arrangements.

September 2015

Habinteg release '7 points about the new Housing Standards 2015' briefing
The free to download briefing explains the important policy changes to accessible housing standards across England that were introduced on 1 October 2015

March 2015

Habinteg respond to announcement of new housing standards
Amongst planning measures announced as Parliament breaks for the election was the long awaited ministerial announcement on new housing standards for England - published on 26 March.

January 2015

Infrastructure Bill missing opportunity to put accessibility at the heart of place-making
TCPA and Habinteg express disappointment over the Government’s failure to create a duty to ensure accessibility is at the front of decision makers’ minds when preparing local plans.

September 2014

Housing standards review missed a golden opportunity?
Commenting on the Government's technical consultation within the review of housing standards, Habinteg Chief Executive Paul Gamble has shared his initial view.

Opinion: More suitable housing for older people needed now
Habinteg chief executive Paul Gamble adds his support to Age UK’s recommendations that aim to solve a crisis of suitable, accessible housing for older people.

March 2014

Habinteg welcomes housing standards reform but argues for long term view in local planning
Habinteg, the UK’s leading expert in accessible housing and disability has welcomed the government’s response to the housing standards review - but urged Ministers and local authorities to ensure that more accessible homes are built.

February 2014

Mayor's commitment to Lifetime Homes welcome but enforcement of standards is needed
Responding to the Mayor of London’s draft Housing Strategy, Habinteg welcomes its approach to accessible housing but calls for detail and clarification on some issues vital to the lives of disabled Londoners.

October 2013

Housing standards reform must have access at its heart
As the UK's leading expert in accessible housing and disability, Habinteg welcomes the acknowledgement of accessibility within the review of housing standards and urges the Government to focus on delivering more accessible homes. A final consultation response, published today, makes the case for homes that are future-proof, fit for purpose and accessible for all.

September 2013

Housing experts have their say on access reforms
Experts from the housing and disability sectors gave their views on the Government’s housing standards proposals at Habinteg’s Homes for Living Forum in London on 17 September.

Access must be top priority in delivery of new homes
Habinteg's draft policy response to the housing review calls for accessibility and regulation. Government proposals to reform technical standards for new homes must prioritise accessibility and be supported by strong regulation. Draft response to the consultation published today.

New date announced: Homes for Living Forum, Tuesday 17 September
The DCLG launched the review of housing standards consultation on 20 August. Respondents have until 22 October to address the content of the consultation. We are pleased to announce a new date for our Homes for Living Forum which will bring the sector together to discuss how access is addressed in the proposed standard.

August 2013

DCLG consultation launch: will review deliver more accessible homes?
As the UK's leading expert in accessible housing and disability, Habinteg welcomes the Government’s housing standards consultation. We believe it is an important opportunity to ensure all new homes are built to an accessible standard, as our changing population requires. For us, the question is simple - will this review increase the supply of accessible housing?

July 2013

Event postponed: Homes for living forum, 16 July 2013
The Government's new housing standards, due for publication earlier in the year, have been delayed. We are now unable to be confident that the proposed standards will be available in time for our planned 16 July Forum.

June 2013

Habinteg to host housing standards forum on the future of accessible homes
Habinteg are calling for the views of the sector at an influential forum of industry experts exploring Government changes to housing’s accessibility standards. The Homes for living forum event, “Accessibility and the new housing standard” will take place in London on 16 July 2013 from 12pm-4.30pm

April 2013

New date announced - Lifetime Homes Training Course
A new date has been announced for the next one-day training course on the Lifetime Homes Standard. On 3rd July 2013, the course will run in London. Run by CAE and Habinteg, the course will draw on the organisations’ combined expertise, design guidance, and in-depth understanding of the application of Lifetime Homes and accessibility in housing and the built environment.

February 2013

CAE and Habinteg booking to new Lifetime Homes training course
Places are still available for a new one-day training course on the Lifetime Homes standard running in London on 28 March 2013. Run by CAE and Habinteg, the course will draw on the organisations’ combined expertise, design guidance, and in-depth understanding of the application of Lifetime Homes and accessibility in housing and the built environment.

November 2011

New Lifetime Homes Design Guide published
This November, Habinteg and IHS BRE published the Lifetime Homes Design Guide. This technical guide describes the design requirements for Lifetime Homes and gives guidance on incorporating the 16 design criteria.

October 2011

Habinteg response to draft NPPF calls for planning system to deliver inclusive housing
The National Planning Policy Framework will be a central element in government proposals for a reformed planning system but risks failure to deliver inclusive, accessible housing that is fit for purpose and meets the needs of disabled and older people.

The framework must encourage compliance with the Lifetime Homes Standard in new developments to deliver accessible homes and adaptable living.

November 2010

Code for Sustainable Homes New Technical Guidance published
The CLG have published new technical guidance on the requirements for the Code for Sustainable Homes, aiming to simplfy the process by which Code assessment is reached.

July 2010

Revised Lifetime Homes Standard published
We are pleased to announce the publication of the revised Lifetime Homes Standard.

The revised design criteria will be generally applicable from Monday 5th July 2010 with the exception of applications within the Code for Sustainable Homes.

March 2010

Foundation for Lifetime Homes and Neighbourhoods launches at House of Lords.
On Wednesday 3rd March 2010, Baroness Rosalie Wilkins, in association with Age Concern and Help the Aged, Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation (RADAR), the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) and Habinteg Housing Association, launched The Foundation for Lifetime Homes and Neighbourhoods.

December 2009

Lifetime Homes and Consultation
Over the last few months Habinteg has co-ordinated a review of the Lifetime Homes criteria. This has resulted in a consultation on Lifetime Homes, released today.

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