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front cover lifetime home design guide

For Professionals

(1) Car Parking Width

Where there is car parking adjacent to the home, it should be capable of enlargement to attain 3300mm width.


Stated specifications and dimensions required to meet criterion

The general provision for a car parking space is 2400mm width. If an additional 900mm width is not provided at the outset, there must be provision (e.g. a grass verge) for enlarging the overall width to 3300mm at a later date.


Frequently asked questions - Criterion 1

Q How does this requirement apply to grouped parking / shared parking bays of flatted schemes? Is there a minimum number of spaces that must be wider or have the widening capability?

A This Criterion is only applicable to a dwelling that has a parking space within a designated plot boundary for that particular dwelling. This usually therefore only applies to houses and bungalows.

Q Do garages need to be 3300mm wide?

A Garages are exempt from the widening capability / width requirement. However, ‘on plot’ driveways and car hard-standings leading to any garage should conform to the criterion for at least the length of a parking bay for one vehicle. See diagram below (Figure 1).


Additional good practice recommendations

In communal parking situations, although not a Lifetime Homes requirement, good practice would recommend that at least one parking space within each parking bay / location / lift core location have a minimum 3300mm effective clear width (3600 preferred) or be a designated accessible parking bay. Overall, 10% of parking should have the increased accessible dimensions. The design of the parking layout and landscaping should also enable some further parking spaces within bays to be increased in size according to demand.

Criterion 1 illustration