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(11) Bathroom & WC Walls

Walls in the bathroom and WC should be capable of taking adaptations such as handrails.


Stated specifications and dimensions required to meet criterion

Wall reinforcements (if required) should be located between 300mm and 1500mm from the floor.


Frequently asked questions - Criterion 11

Q Is this applicable to cloakrooms as well as bathrooms?

A It applies to all rooms containing sanitary fittings. All cloakrooms, bathrooms and en-suites in all dwellings should conform.

Q Is the stud in a typical stud partition a secure fixing?

A The secure fixing may be required at a precise location to suit the particular individual’s needs. Unless direct fixing into concrete block (or similar) is possible, bathroom and WC walls will need reinforcement between the heights stated above, running around all walls. In stud partitions, ply fixed (behind the plasterboard) to noggins on the studs is an example of a suitable reinforcement that would enable secure fixing at any location.

Q Can I just provide secure fixing panels adjacent to the WC and bath?

A Support between these heights stated above may be required at any location. The heights therefore represent the lower and upper limits of a ‘band’ running along all walls.

Q My development will incorporate bathroom pods (MMC), will this requirement be an issue?

A Where modern methods of construction and pod manufacture are to be applied, it is essential to discuss this LTH requirement (and other relevant Lifetime Home bathroom requirements – see Criteria 13 and Criterion 14) with the manufacturer at the earliest opportunity to ensure that simple and firm fixing between these heights is readily achievable without compromising the integrity of the pod, or complicated adaptation. All relevant Lifetime Home requirements should be incorporated into the planning stages for manufacturer and the resultant pod should be Lifetime Home compliant in respect if initial use and potential for adaptation (see Criteria 10b re flats, 13 and 14).


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