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(13) Tracking Hoist Route

The design should provide a reasonable route for a potential hoist from a main bedroom to the bathroom.


Stated specifications and dimensions required to meet criterion

Most timber trusses today are capable of taking a hoist and tracking. Technological advances in hoist design mean that a straight run is no longer a requirement.


Frequently asked questions - Criterion 13

Q Is it necessary to have a connecting door or knock out panel to provide a future door between the main bedroom and the bathroom?

A The optimum arrangement is to provide a connecting door, or potential for a connecting door (by provision of a full height knock out panel). It is the recommended solution. However, this direct link or potential for it, is not a requirement. The requirement is for a ‘reasonable route’.

Q How do you determine what is a ‘reasonable route’.

A The ‘reasonable route’ should be considered in respect of two issues:      

  1. the ease of travel; and 
  2. dignity of the user.

A route travelling through bedroom and bathroom doorways directly across a hallway, or a short distance apart, would be reasonable. A route travelling for a long distance along a hallway past other bedroom doors may be deemed unreasonable. The occupancy levels of the dwelling, and the potential for meeting other household members / guests whilst ‘en-route’ should be considered when determining what is ‘reasonable’.

Q There are two double bedrooms in the house, either side of the bathroom – does it matter which one provides for this criterion?

A The main bedroom, related to the ‘reasonable route’, should preferably (in dwellings on two or more storeys) be the bedroom with the potential arrival point of the through the floor lift.

Q Does the bathroom relating to this criterion need to be the main family bathroom or can it be an en-suite to a main bedroom?

A The bathroom relating to this criterion should either have the ‘ease of access’ of Criterion 14, or contain the fully accessible WC of Criterion 10a. If these are provided in an en-suite, it must be en-suite to the main bedroom with the potential arrival point of the through floor lift.


Additional good practice recommendations

The optimum ‘reasonable route’ would be to have a connecting door between the main bedroom (in which the through floor lift would arrive – see Criterion 12) and an adjacent bathroom (with the ‘ease of access’ facilities – see Criterion 14), or potential for a direct link enabled via a full height knock out panel.