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(15) Window Specification

Living room window glazing should begin at 800mm or lower and windows should be easy to open/operate.


Stated specifications and dimensions required to meet criterion

People should be able to see out of the window whilst seated. Wheelchair users should be able to operate at least one window in each room.


Frequently asked questions - Criterion 15

Q What are the requirements in relation to window handles?

A In order to operate a window easily its handles / controls should be no higher than 1200mm from the floor. See figure 11. This applies to at least one window in each room subject to the kitchen and bathroom caveat below. In kitchens and bathrooms with only one window located behind fittings and fixtures, it is acceptable for future window operation to be enabled by a future adaptation providing a remote control or mechanical device. In all other rooms, and kitchens and bathrooms with a window not located behind fixtures and fittings, direct access to a window should be possible.

Q Does the 800mm maximum glazing height apply to all windows in the living room?

A The 800mm maximum glazing height should be achieved within a minimum of one window in the living room / living area. This window should be a principal window within the room.


Additional good practice recommendations

(i) Maximise views out of the dwelling for people seated by providing maximum glazing heights of 800mm from the floor in all window locations that do not compromise privacy.

(ii) Do not include full width transoms within windows between a zone of 800mm – 1200 from the floor.

criterion 15 illustration