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The Lifetime Homes website strives to make its services and content accessible and usable for all users.

The Lifetime Homes website has features that allow its users to find the information they need in the way they find easiest. This website has been built to comply with the World Wide Web Consortiums WCAG AAA standard and has the following features.


The Lifetime Homes site is built using xhtml and cascading style sheets. This creates a fast loading website that is accessible to screen readers and is usable in most browsers, including older browsers and browsers available on non-Windows systems.


The site has a text size switcher. By clicking on the plus and minus in the accessibility toolbox you can make the text a size that you can read comfortably. The site is designed to stretch with the text. This preserves the layout assuring that the site remains usable at different text sizes. 

A text only version of our site with options to change foreground and background colours, font style, size and colours is also available. It provides a faster browsing experience for those using mobile devices or on slow connections. The site can be read whatever size and type of screen you use. To change to text only click the link at the top right hand side of the homepage.


A skip navigation link is placed before the main navigation so screen reader and text browser users can skip straight to the content. Access Keys provide easy access to main areas of the site. To use access keys on a Mac press control and then the access key. In Internet Explorer on a PC you press alt, the access key and then press enter. In Netscape/Mozilla on a PC press alt and the access key.

The access keys are:

Images and design

The site has a high contrast version for visually impaired people. The high contrast version can be turned on using the link in the accessibility toolbox. 

All the images have ALT tags. Alt tags provide screen reader users and those with images turned off with a description of the picture.


Accessibility statement for Lifetime Homes 2009