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Case Studies

Annar Sajoo

Completed in January 2012, Annar Sajoo’s flat at Muro Court in Southwark represents security and the chance to express her warm and generous personality. Bought under a shared ownership scheme, this is the first property that Annar has owned and really had to herself - having lived in hospital staff accommodation for many years. The flat was built to meet the Lifetime Homes standard, adopted into the London Plan for all new developments since 2004.

Supporting her lifestyle

Annar came to the UK from her native Canada to develop her career as a genetics counsellor. She works at Guys and valued the fact that there was no commute when she “lived in.” She had a small sleeping area and kitchen but shared a bathroom. Entertaining wasn’t really an option. Now she has a 15 minute “slow walk” to work, which she values as “transition time” - and is still unaffected by transport problems.

And Muro Court is beautiful and welcoming, designed to make best use of light and space, with interesting shapes and features. The flat is warm and well-insulated, with underfloor heating. It is extremely well-finished in high-quality and neutral materials – giving Annar the scope to make it her own. This she is slowly doing, with finds such as a beautiful couch with a large vivid flower design, her books, photos and pictures.

Annar found the flat through the ‘First Steps to home ownership in London’ programme, helping low and modest income Londoners to buy or rent at a price they can afford. 

Why a Lifetime Home?

Affordability and the convenience of a central London location so close to where she works are important to Annar. But it is the features that come with a Lifetime Homes property that are central to what she loves most about her flat.

“I just love the open-plan feel – the kitchen, dining area and sitting room all in one. I mostly live here alone but my boyfriend is often here and I have visitors – my godson came last summer for the Olympics. I’m hoping my mum will visit soon.”

The two-bedroom flat gives Annar the freedom to live as she wishes. As someone who’s “just not that interested in cooking” she prefers her dining table to function as a mini-office. The level entry, lift access, wide corridors and doorways and the generously sized bathroom mean that older or disabled relatives and friends will have no problem coming to stay.

A lift takes you all the way to the rooftop garden at Muro Court, which is turfed and paved and gives a panoramic view of London.

Of the flat itself, Annar says: “The space and light are beyond my wildest dreams. The way the living space works enables me to feel a great sense of freedom. What could be better than that?”

Accessible garden with pagoda outside Muro Courtopen plan kitchen / living room in Lifetime Homes flat