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front cover lifetime home design guide

For Professionals

Appendix 1

Definition of ‘entrance level’ for the purpose of Lifetime Home Criteria

The entrance level of a dwelling for the purposes of the Lifetime Home Criteria is generally deemed to be the storey containing the main entrance door as defined by Criterion 4. This will usually be the ground floor of a house, or the storey containing the entrance door of a flat approached a communal hall, stair, or lift.

Where there are no rooms (habitable or non-habitable) on the storey containing the main entrance door (e.g. most flats over garages, some flats over shops, some duplexes and some townhouses), the first storey level containing a habitable or non-habitable room can be considered the ‘entrance level’ if this storey is reached by an ‘easy going’ stair with maximum risers 170mm, minimum goings 250mm, and a minimum width of 900mm measured 450mm above the pitch line.