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Case Studies

Jason Stockbridge

Jason Stockbridge lives with his children, Joshua and Morgan, in a three bedroom Lifetime Home. The family have only recently moved in and the property has been adapted to meet the particular needs of Joshua, who has Cerebal Palsy and uses a wheelchair.

The Stockbridges lived in a flat before moving into their current home. The accessible 'Lifetime Home' design of their new house is of particular benefit to Jason as the design of his old flat made it difficult to care for Joshua. Joshua could only access certain rooms in the flat due to narrow doorways and staircases, isolating him from the family. With no storage or space for his standing frame and physio mat, Joshua's physiotherapy was a struggle.

image of two storey houseJason says of his Lifetime Home,

It's just made my life that much easier. Having an accessible house at ground floor level helps with getting Joshua in and out of his wheelchair. We have got a downstairs wet room and shower for him and are just about to have a stair lift fitted so that I don't have to carry him up and down stairs. My children have got their own space in this house and everything we need for Joshua is here. There should be more Lifetime Homes."