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Lifetime Homes and Part M

Briefing: Accessible Housing Standards 2015 

This briefing paper from Habinteg Housing Association compares the technical specification provided in the 2015 Building Regulations M4 (2), ‘accessible, adaptable dwellings’ with the sixteen design criteria set out in its predecessor, the Lifetime Homes Standard (2011). The briefing was first published in November 2015, and the updated second edition was issued in June 2016.

You can download the briefing here (opens in new window).


The Lifetime Homes standard - Comparison to related requirements of Building Regulation Approved Document M, 2004

A comparison of each of the 16 Lifetime Homes Design Criteria with the relevant requirements of the Building Regulation Approved Document M (Part M) is listed under each Lifetime Home Criterion 1-16. This comparison will assist in the assessment of where the Lifetime Home requirements can be automatically fulfilled by Regulation requirements and highlight any differences between the Criteria and related Regulation requirements.

Note: This comparison applies to the 16 Design Criteria (up to 5 July 2010).