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Lifetime Neighbourhoods

Lifetime Neighbourhoods

What is a Lifetime Neighbourhood? 

A Lifetime Neighbourhood is one in which civic and social processes together with physical conditions achieve the following outcomes:

  • An environment that is accessible and inclusive, aesthetically pleasing and safe (in terms of both traffic and crime)
  • A community that offers plenty of services, facilities and open space
  • A strong social and civic fabric, including volunteering and informal networks
  • A culture of consultation and user empowerment amongst decision makers
  • A strong local identity and sense of place

These website pages will bring together guidance, good practice, research and case studies on all aspects of Lifetime Neighbourhoods, giving users the tools to achieve these outcomes in their areas of influence.

We aim to assemble and host the following:

  • Existing literature from leading national and international sources
  • Emerging good practice
  • Real world case studies
  • Latest research reports
  • Practical guidance and toolkits

Please note that the Lifetime Neighbourhoods resource is under construction.  

Further reading:

Towards Lifetime Neighbourhoods: Designing sustainable communities for all (PDF)

Where PDF documents are shown, you will need to use Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to read them. Get Adobe Reader logo / button