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Case Studies

Bob Ainsworth (Video Case Study)

Bob Ainsworth is a wheelchair user and lives with his wife, Jaki, and teenage daughters in a three bedroom Lifetime Home. 

The property's design features have meant that only a few additional adaptations were needed to make it suitable for Bob to live there independently.   

A stair lift was installed so that Bob can access the first floor of his home and use a wheelchair upstairs as well as downstairs. Bob opted for a shower facility to be fitted into the downstairs washroom as a personal preference to using the upstairs family bathroom.

Bob says,

It's just a brilliant idea... I have a stair lift, but there are other things about the property that make things better for me. Like wider doors for my wheelchair. Our living space and access is built around one space and in my opinion, no matter what a family's needs are, a Lifetime Home will fulfil them."  

Case Study: Bob's Lifetime Home (video)