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Lifetime Homes

Support for Lifetime Homes

I want to build vibrant and mixed communities and will therefore ensure that the London Plan strenghens the promotion of 'Lifetime Homes' for both disabled and older Londoners."

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London.

“'s not about finding a niche or a niche market for older people, or about more of the same sort of specialist housing. It's about a total housing policy which reflects our aspirations and lifestyles as we grow. It's the opposite of a policy of containment - it's a policy for moving older people from the margins to the mainstream of policy.”

Baroness Andrews, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State.

It is essential that general housing provision meets the needs of an ageing society through better planning, design and quality, with reference to both internal and external space. The Federation continues to support the concept of Lifetime Homes and sees it as an important step towards achieving the sort of housing we need for our society in the future.”

David Orr, Chief Executive, National Housing Federation

If we are serious about introducing flexibility and really giving people a choice, then Lifetime Homes is the way forward."

David Cowans, Chief Executive of Places for People.

It's just made my life that much easier... There should be more Lifetime Homes."

J. Stockbridge, A Lifetime Homes occupant.