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Case Studies

The Firth Family

Mick Firth is a busy father with three children of school age. His youngest daughter is disabled. She requires minor adaptations within their home and storage for the equipment that she needs. Use of their car is essential; it can be parked outside the house and has a level access approach to the property's entrance. It is vital to maintain the family's circumstances and in particular Mick's daughter, as she needs to be driven to appointments. The Firths' Lifetime Home makes life easier for the whole family. 

Mick's home is set up to suit his family's lifestyle and circumstances as they are now. But as their house is easily adaptable, it will also have the flexibility to meet the changing needs of his daughter as she grows up. Mick thinks that in the future they may need adaptations such as a stair lift and hoist to effectively manage his daughter's housing needs.

In juggling an already busy household, Mick does not have the added worry of having to move house. It is peace of mind to know that his home can meet his daughter's needs whatever she may require.

Case Study: The Firth family's Lifetime Home (video) is temporarily unavailable.

Video originally produced for the Housing Corporation (now the Tenant Services Authority) in 2008.