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front cover lifetime home design guide

Case Studies

The Smiths

Denise and George Smith, both in their 60s, have health concerns that meant that their previous home was completely unsuitable and compromised their health due to stairs and narrow doorways. Living in a two-storey property that was not accessible was simply unmanagable for them.

They moved in to a two-bedroom bungalow in Southwick, a suburb of Sunderland in Tyne and Wear, two years ago.

Why a Lifetime Home?

The couple both face mobility and health challenges. George has had hip replacements, knee operations and a blood clot. Denise has spondylosis, a condition affecting the spine, that limits her mobility.

Their previous home became unsuitable following George’s blood clot. It was built after the second world war for returning soldiers, with small rooms and lots of stairs - and it had a huge garden. Maintaining the garden and having to go up and downstairs all the time was tough and not at all sustainable.

stylish wooden fitted kitchen with stainless steel kettle and bevelled tiles

Their new house is designed to be easy to manage for Denise, who keeps it looking impeccable, and beautifully decorated and personalised with photos and ornaments. It has wide doors, plenty of storage and a large kitchen, which means that there is less scope for accidents – damage to themselves or their things. 

The couple plan to stay here and believe that if their health deteriorates they are now in the very best place to manage any change of circumstance.

Their home is in a row of new build homes designed to meet the Lifetime Homes Standard from the outset. Everyone has a parking bay and a garden. The front door and the interior doors are wide enough to make access easier and the property would easily accommodate a wheelchair if George or Denise required one.

There is both a bath and shower and two bedrooms. A very large fitted kitchen has plenty of storage where everything is easy to get at. “Whoever designed it thought it out really well,” says Denise.

Supporting their lifestyle

They have three children, who are delighted that their parents are now in a safe and suitable home. Their four young grandchildren visit often and enjoy playing in the garden and the quiet street.

They have “lovely neighbours” and they can easily catch a bus to the city centre. But it is the grandchildren, whose photos take pride of place in the living room, that clearly provide a big focus for them both.

Whoever designed it thought it out really well."

newly built house with plants outside, level access and solar panel visible on roof

Lady standing under her porch / covered entrance to her Lifetime Home