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Case Studies

The Wiffens

Many of us want to live close to our roots. Lifetime Homes supports this ambition – providing adaptable accommodation within a community setting, as lives, and generations, change.

Diane Wiffen lives with her husband in a three-bedroom house in Boughton, a pretty village near Faversham in Kent. It was built in 2001 and they have lived in it for six years. 

To be able to rent her property, the local authority required the family to have a connection with the area. This was ideal for Diane who has always lived in the village. Now the couple live there with their three children, Emily, 12, Jamie, 10, and Lexie, 6, who go to local schools.

Why a Lifetime Home?

Their previous home was an upstairs flat. When the children were little that meant lots of hauling pushchairs, shopping and children up and down stairs just to get to their front door.

In their current home, there is parking right outside the door, level access into the property and a downstairs bathroom. The wide doorways, level access and hallway space for schoolbags, coats and wellies make it ideal for a young family in a rural location where being outdoors is part of the fabric of daily life. 

Supporting their lifestyle

The Wiffens are in walking distance of the children’s schools, where Diane works as a teaching assistant.

The house is a good size for a family of five, with a garden. They are in quiet cul-de-sac, on friendly terms with the neighbours and the children all play together safely and happily outside.

The downstairs bathroom is big enough to convert into a wet room and the doors are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair user. These features, as well as ensuring that the home is adaptable, make the home lighter and feel more spacious. 

“This suits us down to the ground,” says Diane. "We were really cramped in our previous home. This has got everything we need. We can walk to most of the places we need to get to. It’s near my family and where I grew up."

I can’t see us moving – we have everything that we need right here.”  

Dining area within a kitchen colour coordinated in red, white and black

A typical-looking two-storey terrace house in a row with solar panels