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front cover lifetime home design guide

Lifetime Homes


Lifetime Homes make life as easy as possible for as long as possible because they are thoughtfully designed. They provide accessible and adaptable accommodation for everyone, from young families to older people and individuals with a temporary or permanent physical impairment.

Many planning policies already require the Lifetime Homes Standard in new developments. For example, the London Plan.

On 11th November 2010, Communities and Local Government published changes to the Code for Sustainable Homes Technical Guidance, incorporating recent revisions to the Lifetime Homes Standard, developed by the Lifetime Homes Technical Advisory Group. It is hoped that the revisions to the Lifetime Homes Standard and the Code for Sustainable Homes will facilitate the adoption of Lifetime Homes design in meeting housing demand in the UK. This revised version of the Standard is called 16 Design Criteria from 5 July (REVISED).

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