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front cover lifetime home design guide

Lifetime Homes

Why Lifetime Homes?

A Lifetime Home can offer benefits to everyone. Through design features that increase ease of access such as level thresholds and wider doorways, lit and covered entranceways and good accessibility throughout the home, most people find it easier to enter, exit and move around in their properties without physical barriers in the way such as steps and narrow areas. 

Lifetime Homes can offer particular benefits to older people, disabled people and anyone with a physical impairment, whether they live in the property or want to visit relatives and friends.

Bringing Lifetime Homes design into the general housing stock should, over time, allow older people to stay in their own homes for longer, reduce the need for home adaptations and give greater choice to disabled people who cannot achieve independent living due to lack of suitable housing.  

You can find out more about the principles behind Lifetime Homes and the benefits that they've offered to some specfic households that we have spoken to in our case studies.